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Press Release

Electronix' shines again at the Nassua Coliseum

Electronix' shines again at the Nassua Coliseum

Electronix Systems, now celebrating its 35th year in business, was displaying their high tech wares at the Nassau Coliseum Home Show from April 5th through April 8th. It was a busy time for the sales team at Electronix and they still have the sore feet to prove it! Thousands of homeowners from all over Long Island and Queens were in attendance from 10am through 10pm over the 3 days. It was a great turnout, there were many casualties of Hurricane Sandy in good spirits in attendance while still in the process of rebuilding after the effects of the storm.

Electronix also unveiled their new video display tower that was designed and built specifically for the Home Show at president and founder Fred Leonardo’s request just 14 days before the show. The video tower, fondly referred to as “The Tower Of Power” (a name held over from a prior employee incentive program that played off Electronix’ Radio-Tower logo) was, to their surprise a big hit.

In addition to focusing on security, the new video tower display focused on the new line of Hi-Resolution surveillance cameras and newest digital video recorders on the market today. “The new equipment was quite a surprising hit at the show.” says Brad Swindell Electronix’ IT expert. The Electronix sales team estimate that there was about 3X the interest in video then in security.

Electronix amazed onlookers by routinely placing a cardboard box over one of the new cameras blocking out the light, only to have a dollar bill image inside the dark box magically reveal itself in a few short seconds. The amazing .00002 Lux (extremely low light) camera sees in near total darkness, unlike most cameras. Many homeowners saw the value of adding video to their security, but most importantly saw the value in choosing a technical company like Electronix Systems over the “Free Package” alarm companies and the oil companies that do as little as they can and call it security.

For over 35 years Electronix Systems mission statement has always been: “Protecting the Quality of Life on Long Island”… If George Natale the General Manager had his way, he would add: “Unlike our competition… Electronix Systems will never do it half right for half price”


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