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Press Release

Tuxedo Touch review by George Natale

Tuxedo Touch review by George Natale

Honeywell Security and First Alert Professional Security Systems recently introduced the Tuxedo Touch 7 inch color touch screen keypad and home controller. This keypad looks high tech and absolutely beautiful. It is big, bright and colorful and looks impressive on any wall. It definitely has a “wow” factor that has been long overdue in the security industry. There have been touch screens in the past, some good, but this is by far the best from Honeywell and First Alert professional or from any other manufacturer we have seen to date

The initial difference you see on the Tuxedo Touch is icons instead of a numeric pad. The local weather and outside temperature and a few simple icons appear on the keypads home screen. The icons are big enough so you won’t need your glasses but not too big. These icons are arranged impressively on a blue/black background that is really easy on the eyes. The Tuxedo display can be programmed to sleep when not in use, but trust me, this display is so gorgeous you won’t want it to.

When considering a keypad, let’s face it… this Tuxedo Touch keypad is going to be on your wall for a long time. You want it to look good and work well -and incidentally, isn’t everyone is tired of the lackluster conventional numeric keypads anyway? They haven’t changed much in the last decade and haven’t been too feature rich either.

Nice features also come with good looks…

If you have had a security system for years you probably wished that the bedroom keypad had a volume control...well now it does. I bet you didn’t wish for the local weather in your foyer either, but you got it! Just press on the weather icon and get a 3 day forecast too.

I know you didn’t wish for a photo slide show on your keypad either… nobody did, -but now you can have your own photos displaying in the foyer. I never thought that had much value (and you don’t pay for it) but you would not believe how much of a conversation piece it becomes when guests are leaving while husbands roll their eyes. So get ready to spend an extra 5 minutes when friends leave your home if this feature is turned on.

What else can this Tuxedo Touch color touchscreen keypad do to “wow” me… you ask?

The Tuxedo Touch has a voice. Now the system can annunciate: “ready to arm”, “not ready family room window”, “system arming away- exit now” and many more descriptions and best of all this voice can be toggled off if you prefer a simple chime. (A small wow!)

The Tuxedo Touch can display up to 4 (optional) Total-Connect wireless cameras simultaneously. These cameras will need to be plugged into an nearby outlet but transmit video wirelessly to the Tuxedo Touch’s 7 inch color display so you can view who is at the front door, what cars are in the driveway, and view the baby’s crib at the same time and more. (That’s a wow!)

The Honeywell Security Tuxedo Touch also incorporates has an integrated server that allows any iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows 8, or other smart phone or tablet’s in your home’s WiFi network to easily be used like another Tuxedo Touch keypad. (Now that’s a wow!)

Home Automation too? Yes! The Tuxedo Touch keypad controller can automatically trigger lights, electrical outlets, door locks and also set back special thermostats. This can be done by a custom schedule or by arming and disarming the system. (That’s a BIG WOW!)

YES! This is a good entry level home automation controller that uses optional z-wave compatible plug in lamp modules and other z-wave devices.

These z-wave devices can be activated by time of day schedules, dusk or dawn can be automatically triggered by the arming or disarming of the security system. New z-wave devices boast that a mesh network is created when multiple z-wave devices are used near each other, increasing the range and reliability of the z-wave devices.

With the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch home controller you can turn off lights, coffee pots, cable boxes, the steam iron outlet, and lower the heat to save energy and money when you leave. You can even automatically lock the doors when arming the alarm system and if desired, automatically disarm the alarm when you unlock the door.

Let face it… that’s all that most of want out of an automation system. Wow, low cost home automation and energy savings from a slightly more expensive alarm keypad. (Another WOW!)

The Tuxedo Touch color touch screen and home controller requires a connection to the internet, however, if wiring to the internet is a big job you can choose to purchase the Tux-WiFi version, so that no extra wiring is needed. It costs a little more, works fine and makes for a much quicker and easier installation too.

Most of the late model Honeywell and First Alert Professional security systems can be easily upgraded by replacing a conventional keypad with the Tuxedo Touch. Just contact our sales staff or our service department to ask whether the Tuxedo Touch home controller keypad will work on your model (and firmware version) Honeywell or First Alert Professional security system.

The Tuxedo Touch is also priced reasonably considering all the new high tech features and benefits, and so far has been very reliable. This may be because the predecessor to the Tuxedo Touch was Honeywell’s model 6280 which worked well. It too is an impressive 7 inch color touch screen keypad, that really “wow’d” us, with its icons, good looks, volume control, slide show and voice annunciation. The 6280 comes without the weather, video camera compatibility, the server, and without the automation but, the 6280 does not come with the extra cost too. A mix of the two (Tuxedo Touch and a 6280) in a multi-keypad home is becoming very popular and is a cost effective option.

How about the “Cons” with the Tuxedo Touch?

Well… there was a very noticeable glitch which temporarily interrupted the weather from being displayed, this is now fixed with a free firmware upgrade but was still pending on the Tux-WiFi version at the time of this review.

The only other “cons” so far appear to be;

  1. The z-wave control range appears limited despite the touted “mesh network” that increases communication range and reliability as more z-wave devices are used. This means that the z-wave devices need to be a bit closer to the Tuxedo Touch home controller than expected. However, we still feel that using one Tuxedo Touch home controller will serve most customers well in small and medium sized homes, where the controller and z-wave devices are not too far apart.
  2. Honeywell’s Total-Connect remote service (optional subscription) which allows remote control by smartphone or tablet, of your security system and viewing of TC cameras does not incorporate individual control of the z-wave devices. We understand that this feature may be available in the future, but we are not touting it as such. Electronix is careful NOT over promise and under deliver.

Overall the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch 7 inch color touchscreen keypad and home controller is quite impressive and has already sparked sales and upgrades by simply mentioning the new features to our customers, especially to those conventional alarm owners that are looking to upgrade their alarm protection and who can appreciate the new features and value that this product offers… “Great job Honeywell”.

* Call us for more detailed information, to schedule an estimate, or for a review of your present system. Please also visit our "Library" for a printable documentation or "Click Here" to request a call back.
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