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Press Release

George Natale, sales manager at Electronix reviews experience and trends utilizing Total Connect Remote Services from Honeywell Security and First Alert Professional.

George Natale, sales manager at Electronix reviews experience and trends utilizing Total Connect Remote Services from Honeywell Security and First Alert Professional.

Honeywell Security and First Alert Professional Security Systems had introduced Total-Connect remote services nearly two years ago. In that Electronix Systems Central Station Alarms Inc., like other companies introduced the Total Connect remote control security service on Long Island and it was well received by hundreds of centrally monitored subscribers in Nassau and Suffolk counties and the five boroughs of New York as well.

Remote control of the alarm system through Honeywell Security’s virtual keypad seemed to really be exciting to Electronix Systems CSA Inc. customers who have previously embraced smart phone and PC and portable tablet technology such as the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad and the Android and Blackberry in the last few years.

The original Total Connect remote keypad services that was introduced by Electronix Systems became a “must have” for a certain segment of security alarm customers on Long Island. The first Total Connect remote service that was introduced was Honeywell Security’s virtual keypad, but we can’t forget the equally important features and benefits to the original Total Connect remote services such as automatic notification of select alarm system events as well as Alarm Notification. Some of these could be: automatic alerts when someone arrives home, flood alarms, freeze alarms, medical alarms. This is in addition to automatic email and text notification of intrusion alarms and fire and smoke alarms.

When automatic notification by email or text messaging was mentioned as part of the Total Connect remote services it assured the customers of Long Island NY of peace of mind 24 hours a day. Those smart phone customers apparently live on their Blackberry, iPhone, Driod and iPads, because they can run their security like their lives in real time.

The Honeywell Total Connect remote security services requires a Honeywell GSM radio communicator or some of Honeywell Security’s newer master control panels incorporating an IP connection such as the Honeywell Vista 21IP master control system. These newer Honeywell Security alarm systems have an internet communicator built in and can be used to supervise and communicate with Electronix Systems UL listed and Five Diamond Rated central station, as well as carry the encrypted Total Connect remote services signals and commands to Honeywell’s Alarmnet security network. Honeywell Security’s Alarmnet is a network of supervised communication tower sites.

Incidentally the Honeywell GSM and GSMX radio communicators also allow alarm security system communication signals to notify Electronix Systems UL Listed Central Station even during LIPA power failures, phone line interruptions by storms or a burglars attack. Many burglars are smart and bold enough to cut the Verizon FIOS fiber optic cables, cut the other various Voice over IP phone services like AT&T phone lines as well as Cablevisions voice over IP phone services too. Not to mention Vonage and the other low end voice over IP services. Yes, burglars do cut phone lines and now cable TV lines in order to interrupt alarm transmission of security signals.

The Total Connect remote services were low cost and simple to activate and did not represent much upfront costs other that the installation of a GSM radio communicator, also call Radio back-up, cell back up and long range telemetry, or the installation of an Internet or IP alarm communicator. These are important components and are usually not included or stressed by the low end package or Free Alarm or $99.00 alarm companies such as Slomin’s and ADT. Slomin’s and ADT are low cost, high volume security dealers that provide a rather sparse security design that offers very little security when a home is occupied in contrast to the impressive TV commercial’s would have you believe.

Also, Honeywell Security and Electronix Systems CSA Inc. introduced Total Connect Video services around the same time. Total Connect Video is an additional service that allows remote viewing of a Total Connect Video subscribers special IP cameras. The cameras are called wireless but need to be plugged in to a nearby electrical outlet and the high quality color video images are sent via WIFI over a WAP aka a Wireless Access Point to the Total Connect subscriber’s Alarmnet account.

These cameras, now three different models can be viewed over a PC or Mac, a Smart Phone such as the Apple iPhone 4, web enabled Android phones and Blackberry phones, or tablet’s like the iPad2 and iPad3. Another big benefit to using the Total Connect Video service as opposed to just getting a web cam and viewing the IP address is that Total Connect Video is encrypted and secure. In addition you can view six cameras simultaneously and easily and automatically record and archive and retrieve 10 second clips according to your individually customized set up for each of the Total Connect cameras.

So now you can get e-mails with color video images of select cameras when they see activity, but only when the house is supposed to be empty, or between select hours and days that you decide.

Of the 3 Honeywell cameras one is fixed, one has pan and tilt capability and the 3rd camera is outdoor rated with infrared illumination to see in the dark up to twenty five feet. The prices are reasonable compared to conventional DVR recording systems and wired cameras, and once the mac address and account information is programmed here at Electronix Systems in Huntington Station, they can be shipped to the Total Connect Video services subscriber.

The Subscriber can just plug in the cameras at home or at business and start viewing. We generally instruct the customer go to the Total Connect web site and set up the parameters for personalized notifications via email and text for each camera as desired.

Electronix Systems realized early on that the Total Connect Video services began to sell more once the Sales department was equipped with Apple’s iPad. The ipad and ipad2 and the newest ipad with retina display put Honeywell’s Total Connect Video services in their best light and seem to impress and “wow” the customer and prospective customers far better than the iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones did.

The iPad displaying of the Total Connect Video services is far better than the assorted smart phones because a smart phone is too private. When shown a glimpse of the TC cameras on the smaller smart phone screens it seems less shared and more private, not as good of a sales tool as the Apple iPad. Sales of Total Connect Video remote services increased 100% once the iPads were introduced not to mention the ability to display equipment photos and the ability to store PDF’s of Security Systems, equipmet including Alpha Keypads, Touch Screen Keypads, some of the hottest sellers that Electronix Systems offers.

So all in all Total Connect Video services combined with Total Connect Security remote control and notification services have made an impact and added some real excitement for the customers and is a breath of fresh air considering that up until 2 years ago there was no major changes in the burglar alarm industry for a decade.

Honeywell Security’s Total connect 2.0 had been released and was substantially faster, had some new features and now Total Connect 2.1 is being released and promises greater control and interaction between security and low cost home automation being introduced with Honeywell’s Tuxedo touch and Honeywell’s Lynx 5100 security system.

Honeywell Security Tuxedo touch and the Lynx 5100 incorporate zwave protocol technology including the ability to control zwave door locks made by Kwickset, Schlage locks  and zwave Yale Locks. In addition these systems control cost effective zwave light switches and zwave electrical outlets made by Leviton and General Electric, zwave thermostats made by Honeywell and Trane, and other zwave devices like zwave window shades and more.

More Electronix Systems alarm company and security industry news and trends to follow.

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